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"R. K. Livingston has written a compelling piece of historical fiction in Elijah's Boy that sensitively illustrates the Biblical story of Elijah. Personally, I could not put it down and was intrigued from the start. I eagerly await her next book, believing that this kind of biblical historical fiction is a wonderful teaching tool that will excite and encourage our children to follow God."
 - Kathy Lepp - Homeschool Educator and Kidschurch Co-ordinator

"Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip to Israel and visit many historical sites. One of my favourite places was Mt. Carmel where Elijah called down fire from God and proved once and for all Who was worthy of the Israelites’ worship. R. K. Livingston took me back to this site through the retelling of the story in Elijah’s Boy, a historical fiction about Nathaniel, who became the servant of the prophet Elijah. I enjoyed reading about Elijah’s story through the point of view of this young orphan boy. I especially liked his reaction to Elijah’s unusual request of the widow and the resulting miracle. I read the entire novel in one sitting. This is a great book for children aged 9 to 12 in grades 4/5. I highly recommend it!" - Kimberley Payne – Author & SpeakerType your paragraph here.

ELIJAH'S BOY is a middle grade historical novel. It wasn't easy for orphans living in the Samaria of King Ahab and Jezebel, his Queen. For the boy, Nathaniel, survival was what mattered most...until he became the servant of Elijah, the mysterious prophet of Yahweh. It was a dangerous time for anyone who still served the ancient God of the Israelites, particularly when serving Yahweh meant defying the King. Was Elijah's God worth dying for? Nathaniel wasn't sure. This is the story of a young boy's journey to faith at a time in history when taking a stand for God could cost him his life.

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Other Published Works: 

The Greatest Gift of All - A short story in Christmas with Hot Apple Cider, a collection of Stories from the Season of Giving and Receiving, published in 2017 by That's Life! Communications.  http://hotappleciderbooks.com

EYES WIDE OPEN...WHEN LIFE HAPPENS YOU WANT TO SEE IT COMING! is a collection of stories that span the lives of four generations in the Landry family. From lost boys to beaver tails and frog legs, each of these adventures in every day living is a slice of life served up with smiles and laughter. 

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Blog: My Reflections

Every one of us is on a journey.   People...places...experiences...all have an impact one way or another on who we are becoming as we walk through life.  God is the Author of my journey and nothing is wasted in His economy.  Every day offers new opportunities to learn and grow.  In My Reflections, I share some of the things that have impacted me and the lessons my Heavenly Father has taught me in the midst of them.  

​​WHOM WILL YOU SERVE? is a Grade 4/5 curriculum guide based on the book Elijah's Boy. Biblical events leading up to the dramatic confrontation on Mount Carmel between Elijah and his young servant Nathaniel and the prophets of Baal will be brought to vivid life for students. As they relate to Nathaniel in the choices he makes and the lessons he learns along the way they will ultimately be brought to the same question that Nathaniel and all of Israel faced on the mountain. "Whom will you serve?"

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